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As an ongoing commitment to our members, we like to keep our community informed about all our latest developments. We are constantly updating our site with exciting news and announcements on our latest community happenings, and are happy to share them with you. Check out all of our latest updates, and stay informed about what’s happening at the heart of our community.

Misty Slope

Village Trust Joint Statement October 2019

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Misty Slope


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Our Mission Statement

13 May 2019

At a meeting held on Monday 13th May 2019, the Management Committee of Blairmore Hall Trust drew up the following Mission Statement:

By 2025:

  • The Hall will look substantially the same outside but will have all the facilities of a modern village hall on the inside.

  • The Hall will be a focal point for the community.

  • The Hall will be financially stable.

Supporters Club

22 July 2019

Click the link above to join the Blairmore Hall Supporters Club. Supporters will receive a quarterly email update on progress towards our Mission Statement and are likely to be called upon to help out with events,  general tasks  and fundraising for the Hall. 

There is no charge for joining the Supporters Club unless you would like your newsletter by post, in which case there will be a small fee to cover print and postage costs. 

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